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Who are we ?

The Marine Finfish Farmers Association of South Africa (MFFASA) is a registered non-profit organization that was established to represent its members in the promotion and development of marine finfish farming as an economically sound and environmentally sustainable industry in South Africa.

Organisation Overview

Many of South Africa’s fishery resources are at an all-time low while our human population grows. Improved conservation measures and better resource management have the potential to improve the situation. However, an increasing market demand for marine finfish in South Africa is making marine finfish farming an investment opportunity for well resourced investors with an appetite for risk.

The local mariculture industry will need to make informed decisions about where it is going and how it is going to get there. How farmers, regulators, researchers and environmentalists work together will determine its fate – both economically and environmentally.

MFFASA’s objective is to promote the interests and image of the Marine Finfish aquaculture industry in South Africa as follows:

  • To provide unified representation when dealing with regulatory bodies or the public at large.
  • To serve as a forum for debate.
  • To commission research, collect and disseminate information relevant to Marine Fish Farming.
  • To support or organize seminars, workshops and symposia relevant to Marine Fish Farming.
  • To facilitate transformation in the sector through the implementation of development programmes for previously disadvantaged fish farmers.
  • To promote sound and fair labour practices on fish farms and promote socio-economic well being of farm workers and related communities.
  • To assist with the identification and mitigation of operational risks to Marine Finfish Farming.
  • The terms of the Association are such that it is not for gain.

Latest Updates

Jan, 2015

MFFASA / DST Sector Innovation Fund

The MFFASA – Department of Science and Technology Sector Innovation Fund (MASSIF) Programme is an initiative to support research and technology development in marine finfish farming industry.

July, 2013

EU deammonification research project "DeammRecirc" with MFFASA as industrial partner reaches conclusion.

The EU FP7 Research for SME project DeammRecirc , aimed to remove nitrogen from recirculated water used in aquaculture through development of a deammonification treatment. The 28 month project ended in April 2013.The project has been coordinated by Cyklar-Stulz GMBH, a Swiss company specialising in deammonification technology to remove nitrogen in the municipal and industrial waste water sector. The consortium also consisted of the following Industrial partners: Formoplast Kunststoffbehalterbau und –vertrieb GMBH (Germany), ARAconsult GMBH (Austria), Tecnologias y Equipos para el Medio Ambiente, s.l. (Spain), Hardingsmolt AS (Norway), Anglesey Aquaculture Ltd (UK) and Marine Finfish Farmers Association of South Africa (S. Africa)

Andre Bok | July, 2012

Mariculture in perspective

Recent article published in Environment magazine - Today, almost 50% of all fishery products (freshwater and marine) come from aquaculture. Marine aquaculture, or ‘mari- culture’, is the term given to the agricultural activity of cultivating any plant or animal in salt water. It is a broad term incorporating the full spectrum of farming activities from ‘extensive’ to ‘intensive’ and ‘capture based’ to ‘re-seeding’.


Current Members

Pure Ocean Aquaculture
Pure Ocean Aquaculture

It is against a backdrop of a phenomenal rise in global aquaculture production, over exploitation of the world’s fish resources, an increasing demand for fish and no sizable sub Saharan African aquaculture production, that Pure Ocean Aquaculture was established ...


Oceanwise, formerly known as Espadon Marine, is the Industry Leader for land-based marine aquaculture in South Africa, investing in the best technology and mariculture specialists to bring year-round supply of 'green listed' sustainable seafood to the local and international consumer ...

Mtunzini Fish Farm
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Contact: Gavin Carter
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Contact: Walter Smith
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